Andre Hakkak is a famous financial specialist. Also, he is a leader with vision. He has had a remarkable career span of more than three decades. Andre Hakkak has a strong base in marketing and finance. He has enjoyed a remarkable run in his role as Chief Investment Officer at Alpine Global, Inc. and also as a co-founder and board member of White Oak Global Advisors. He invests billions in finance. Hakkak’s rise to the top is an example of his indomitable determination and strategic savvy. His outstanding talent in the field sparks interests in his professional journey, along with his personal life details.

    Who is Andre Hakkak?

    Usually, we know Andre Hakkak for some of his remarkable achievements in the finance sector. As the fellow benefactor, and the President of White Oak Worldwide Counselors, Hakkak serves as a symbol of administration and vision for the financial business. Andre Hakkak was born in Iran. He immigrated from Iran to the United States when he was young. Hakkak was a student at the University of California, Berkeley and graduated in Economics. Andre Hakkak is worth millions. He continues to establish his name in the field of finance.

    Profile Wiki Summary

    Real NameAndre Amin Hakkak
    Also KnownAndre Hakkak
    BirthJanuary 1970
    Birth PlaceUSA
    ProfessionInvestment Expert
    Skin ColorWhite
    EducationBachelor of Science in Finance and Marketing
    UniversityUniversity of California at Berkeley
    BusinessCo-founder and CEO at White Oak Global Advisors
    Hair ColorBlack
    Shoe Size9
    Hobbiestraveling, reading, fitness pursuits
    Net Worth$200 million

    Early Life and Education

    A humble beginning to Andre’s story depicts numerous challenges that he faced during his initial days. Despite these obstacles, he never lost determination and an unquenchable desire to learn, which ultimately resulted in the basis for his success and a personality he is now. The academic accomplishments in University of California earned a degree of Finance and Management, which increased his interest in the fields of business and finance.

    During his early years, Hakkak took an intense interest in studying the financial market and identifying investment opportunities that could be lucrative. The early exposure to the complex aspects of finance was later invaluable when Hakkak began his own business ventures.

    Career Journey

    After graduation, Andre Hakkak started his career in finance where he worked in various financial companies in various sectors like investment and managing assets. Such roles helped him gain great knowledge and experience in this particular field. During his initial professional years, Hakkak founded Alpine Global, Inc. which became famous in a minimal time for its unique method of managing investment.

    Moving on, Hakkak founded White Oak Global Advisors during 2007. This is an investment firm which specializes in providing financing and credit solutions to mid scale businesses. We witnessed a tremendous growth of White Oak under his leadership. Due to his visionary leadership and strategic thinking he gained a lot of success in the business.


    Sadly, information about Andre’s parents and children isn’t easily accessible on the internet. Therefore, information about his family members is not available to the general public. In the absence of access to this information and information, it is hard to give information about his family background.

    Andre Hakkak Wife

    Marissa Shipman, Andre’s wife, is the founder and CEO of TheBalm Cosmetics. Her birthplace was in New York City and attended Tulane University. After many years in the production of televisions, Marissa decided to end her work, cut some personal ties and set off to the west toward California.

    Through a period of transition within her own life, she decided to set up a company called TheBalm Cosmetics. She is currently living with her family in San Francisco. Marissa founded TheBalm Cosmetics in 2000 when Marissa developed interest in cosmetics and makeup industries. The company is famous for its high-end and multi-purpose makeup items.

    Andre Hakkak Popularity

    Andre achieved incredible success in the finance business through his unwavering devotion and perseverance. Everyone knows him as an International expert who gained huge respect in the finance field. Andre Hakkak always provides his knowledge to prestigious businesses for their betterment and growth. His ingenuity in financial concepts earned him considerable fame in this industry. His first venture into finance began by working for Alpine Global Inc., where he laid the foundation for his successful career.

    Hakkak’s Contributions

    The contributions by Hakkak apart from the finance field signify his efforts to promote some social issues. Andre never failed to serve as a part of supporting the development of innovative solutions for various fields, including health care. His major supporting role in taking major steps towards decreasing the carbon footprint on the planet is what earned him great respect.

    Andre Hakkak Net worth

    As per multiple sources, the net worth of Andre Hakkak is $200 million which mostly comes form White Oak Global Advisors. He also have some other strategic investments too.

    Interesting Facts

    • Andre Hakkak is like a magician in the realm of money.
    • He enjoys taking trips to the great outdoors.
    • Hakak is also a quiet reader, taking in stories that take him on adventures way beyond his work.
    • He juggles being a financial superhero while taking pleasure in the simple things in life.
    • Andre Hakkak loves to do activities that are fun to him. When he’s not making money, he enjoys hobbies that keep him happy.

    Wrapping Up

    We tried our best to cover every relatable aspect about Andre Hakkak who is an outstanding example of determination and strategic thinking. While exploring the intricate details of his story, we get a glimpse into his incredible achievements and discover useful lessons to help future entrepreneurs and investors. His story serves as a model for future investors and entrepreneurs, highlighting the importance of identifying opportunities, and constantly changing in the dynamic fields.