Kelly Baltazar has gained fame on lots of social media. Her popularity is not credited to any one single action rather it is a series of actions. She has been involved in multiple scandals, including drug possession and the release of pornographic images by her father. In our today’s blog, we are going to talk about her lifestyle, career, and other crucial information. 

    Kelly Baltazar Biography

    Kelly Baltazar was born on 19 June 1992, in Los Angeles, in the United States of America. She as of the year 2024, is 32 years old. Baltazar was raised in California and has spent her early life in the Golden State. Over the years she has gained fame for being a web-based comedian. But her popularity took a turn when she was involved in a drug case and a controversial video of her releases was floating. 

    Physical Appearance

    As per sources Baltazar belongs to mixed Asian ethnicity, and her height is 5 feet 6.5 inches. She weighs around 61 Kg and has brown hair and eye color. 


    While we have very limited details about the educational journey of Baltazar. Some sources do suggest that she has attended Georgetown University. While we have no information regarding the degree that she has pursued. 


    She is the daughter of Kevin Baltazar, once who used to hold the position of Vice president at Goldman Sachs. She lost her father Kevin in 2020 due to complications arising from COVID-19. Aside from this, we have no information related to her mother Karen Y Wang’s profession. 


    Baltazar received notice for her brief foray into the adult entertainment business. Shortly after she turned 18, she started recording graphic scenes under the name Mayli, leading her father to quickly act to delete all such material from the web. Prior to entering the adult entertainment industry, Baltazar first tried her hand at journalism, gaining experience at various media companies. Nevertheless, her reputation greatly improved when she became a part of the Wikipedia team, offering users valuable and precise information on a wide range of subjects.


    On November 6, 2018, she gained attention for being arrested by Georgetown University police for having marijuana with the purpose of selling it at the university. Authorities found 17 grams of marijuana and additional drug paraphernalia in her living quarters on campus. 

    After being arrested, Kelly was let out on bail and then entered into a deferred prosecution agreement. As a stipulation of the deal, she pledged to do community service and steer clear of any future legal issues. She followed the terms of the agreement, so the charges against her were finally dismissed. Balthazar’s arrest received a lot of media coverage and sparked debates on different online platforms. Furthermore, she was mentioned at a charity event in Woodbridge for murder victims, where local residents donated $10,880. Some of Kelly’s remarks on the internet were considered contentious and objectionable by certain people.


    She chooses to keep her past relationships and dating experiences private, valuing discretion when it comes to matters of the heart. Baltazar fiercely protects her personal life from the intrusive cameras of the paparazzi by actively avoiding them.

    Net Worth

    As per several sources, the estimated net worth of Baltazar is $500,000. Aside from making money from her work in online entertainment, she also earns income from her job as a writer and editor. Additionally, Kelly was given a $10 million inheritance from her father, providing her with a financial increase.

    Social Media

    Due to the rise in controversial events one after another Baltazar has been refraining from social media platforms. Presently in the year 2024, she is still noticeably missing from any social media sites. As per reliable sources, her activity on these platforms suddenly stopped when multiple scandals and controversies started to surface. Prior to these chaotic occurrences, Kelly was actively involved in the online world, interacting with her audience on different social media platforms.