A rapper hailing in Tallahassee, Florida, Luh Tyler has been a major influence in the world of music for quite a long time. The young personality sets a career example for young vitality that’s prevalent in today’s hip-hop scenario. Just seventeen, his musical talent has earned him a lot of praise, with some amazing hits like- Fat Racks and Law and Order that explicitly depicts his talent in lyrical writing, making him a part of the upcoming talent watch-worthy. Such an amazing talented soul sparks major interests in his personal life, including his overall career journey and net worth details. This blog covers everything you need to know about Luh Tyler.

    Who is the famous rapper, Luh Tyler?

    Meet the dazzling American rapper and musician Luh Tyler, born on the 20th of February, 2006. The rapper hailing from Tallahassee, Florida is making continuous high waves, thanks to his extraordinary talent. He is renowned for his hit singles like- Back Flippin, A Day in the NOYA, Law & Order and more. Luh Tyler won fans over with his outstanding tunes and unquestionable appeal.

    Luh Tyler isn’t just an artist; he’s an enigma that is shaking the music industry with his talents. After securing a major agreement in the music industry with Atlantic Records, a major player in the world of music, Luh Tyler is positioned for success. His social media presence is a reflection of the loyalty of his fans. His fans absolutely love his awe-inspiring pictures related to music and his girlfriend, Layla.

    Profile Wiki Summary

    NameTyler Meeks
    Birth 20th February, 2006
    Birth PlaceTallahassee Florida
    Nationality American
    Marital StatusUnmarried
    FatherNot Known
    Mother Not Known
    SisterMcKenzie Meeks
    Profession Rapper, Songwriter

    Luh Tyler Age

    The rapper born in Tallahassee is now seventeen years old. Luh was born on the 20th February in the year 2006. Luh’s birth sign is Pisces.

    Luh Tyler Appearance

    Eye ColorBrown
    Hair ColorLight Brown
    Height5 feet 6 inch

    Early Life and Family

    Tyler Meeks escaped a difficult life with determination and resilience in Florida. Growing up with his mother along with an elder sister, McKenzie Meeks, Tyler faced numerous challenges as he grew up in a rough neighborhood, which included bullying, violence, poverty, and the exposure to drugs during his school years.

    Despite the hardships, Tyler found solace and motivation through music. When he was just ten, he began writing his own music and diving into rap. He drew inspiration from the likes of Lil Wayne, Drake and Eminem. Through the challenges that life throws, Tyler created a distinctive style with his songs as a potent way to express himself and cope. Currently, people recognize Tyler for his outstanding rapping talents and hits songs. His fans admire Luh for being among the most promising personalities on the internet. 

    Luh Tyler Career

    Tyler is a young, rising rapper who established himself as a well-known artist across the country. With a passion for the rap genre since childhood, he began his journey as a rapper musician in the mid of 2022 timeframe. 

    • His Spotify account is home to the debut single titled- 5 On It Freestyle, released on the 6th August under the label 4196999 Records DK.
    • In the past, Luh Tyler already had a few songs released through his YouTube channels, including Planet Fitness, Law & Order, Jayda, and Wayda. Of them, Law & Order gained considerable traction and earned huge admiration from his followers. His music video amassed more than four million views in just two months.
    • While making the music video, he released a number of new songs including Cloud 9, Cut The Fan On, I Gotta Slide, Moon and more. 
    • After the huge success of his single hit- Law & Order, he released Law & Order pt. 2 with 50jittsteppa. This song was again a rock that attracted more than one million listeners on Spotify in a minimal time.
    • The singer cum songwriter in December of 2022 released his another rock song- one of Back Flippin through a music video on his YouTube channel. The track received significant attention and more than a million streams simultaneously through YouTube and Spotify. 
    • Because of its immediate popularity, Lildp released a remix version of the track on the 11th of January in 2023.

    The 16-year-old wowed his fans with his flawless delivery of unique sounds that catched him the title of- the new sound of Tallahassee. Many of his new followers expressed their appreciation about his unique style and advised to maintain his unique flow. 


    Fav DishesItalian
    HobbiesRapping, Photography

    Luh Tyler Girlfriend

    In addition to the songs, Luh Tyler’s personal life tells a heartwarming love story. In the year 2022, Tyler crossed paths with his girlfriend, Layla, through Instagram. Their relationship grew stronger which led to a public declaration of their love in June. They posted an adorable photo of a kiss on Instagram. Since then, Tyler and Layla have been inseparable, assisting each other in their respective professions.

    In everything from music videos to photography, the two share their passion through social media and earn appreciation from people across the world of rap. Tyler’s songs usually show his affection for Layla. In an interview, the singer also hinted at an upcoming proposal, after having already bought the diamond ring. His dreams include getting married, creating families and a long-term dedication to their eternal love.

    Luh Tyler Net Worth

    Luh Tyler earns money from various sources, including rapping, singing, music events, songwriting, sponsored promotion and more. Luh makes a lot of money through various sources. Luh Tyler’s net worth is about more than 1 million dollars. He is a rich musician who follows a lavish lifestyle. He has a luxurious residence. He owns luxury cars. He has everything luxury around him.

    Social Media

    FacebookLuh Tyler Official
    YouTubeLuh Tyler Official

    Lesser Known Facts

    • Luh Tyler loves traveling and exploring many destinations.
    • Luh has a tattoo on his left forearm.
    • Luh is a believer in the Christianity religion.
    • Luh’s Instagram account has been verified.
    • Tyler often shares his luxury lifestyle through his social media.

    Wrapping Up!

    We tried our best to cover every relatable aspect about Luh Tyler, a young talented rapper and singer in this blog piece. The teen rapper, Luh, has set a tune to the hearts of everyone. From the top tick hits in his young years, he’s had a taste of everything. However, his unique music and enthusiasm are what make his following more fervent.