The famous Youtube known personality, Naa Anveshana has been making waves with his travel vlogs. Through his captivating content related to travel, he gained wide popularity with more than a million of subscribers on this social media channel. Through this blog piece, we will discuss details about Anveshana’s personal life details, including his overall career journey and his success achievements in life.

    Profile Wiki Summary

    Real NameAnvesh Chinni
    Known ByNaa Anveshana
    Age32 years old
    Birth Date1992
    Birth PlaceAndhra Pradesh, India
    Marital StatusMarried
    Wife’s NameNot Known
    Father NameNot Known
    Eye ColorBlack
    Hair ColorBlack
    Height5.10 feet
    Weight70 kg
    ProfessionTravel Vlogger

    About Naa Anveshana

    The famous Youtube sensation, Naa Anveshana opened eyes in the year 1992 and began social media career in 2016. With a sole focus on traveling and adventure, Naa takes viewers to various interesting places around the globe. His first YouTube video showed his journey to the United States and this marked his success beginning as an online content creator. 

    Having a well-known YouTube profile, he received immense fame all over the globe. Moreover, he is a well-known personality among the Telugu YouTube community and is highly praised for his fantastic content. The travel Vlogger offers viewers an opportunity to experience different world cultures. He greatly achieved his rise to fame as a YouTube star by stepping into the world of introduction videos.


    Naa developed interest in travel as a child and often fantasized of traveling to far destinations. After completing his college degree, he set out to fulfill his goal of becoming a travel Vlogger. Naa launched his YouTube channel around 2016 with his first post where he traveled to the United States. The video was an instant hit and prompted him to create more travel videos. Since then, Naa has traveled to more than eighty-five countries. 

    By now he covered some of the most popular destinations among tourists including The Eiffel Tower, The Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China and more. His travel list includes some remote and exotic destinations on Earth like the Amazon rainforest and the Sahara desert. Majorly, what his subscribers love about his travel videos is their informative and engaging nature. The videos take viewers on a journey of his own through his personal experiences where he never misses on sharing information about the destination, including some travel tips and suggestions.

    Naa Anveshana Career

    Naa Anveshana began his career as YouTuber that majorly covers and talks about various destinations. He launched his own channel in the year 2016 which marked the beginning of his popularity. He describes himself as a travel blogger, and to the present, he has visited more than eighty five destinations in the North. Through his engaging travel content, he focuses visitors to virtually visit these destinations and experience different cultures. In addition to his travel blog, he has also created an original music video entitled- Anveshana Naa Song. However, these travel videos led to him becoming a well known persona as through his YouTube channels he offers an insight into the local customs, cuisine and culture. He also offers adventurous excursions such as camping, hiking and surfing.

    Challenges In His Career

    Listed below are a few challenges faced by Naa during this career journey:

    • Financial Difficulties: Beginning a YouTube channel could be expensive, particularly in the case of quality videos and due to this Naa had to spend a huge amount for his channel in the beginning days.
    • Technical Issues: Making and editing videos involve technical aspects which required him to understand various video editing softwares and technicalities to produce quality videos.
    • Competition: Evolving through the fierce competition of travel vloggers on YouTube, Naa needed to figure out plans to make his stand distinct from the rest by creating content that attracts a majority audience.

    Naa Anveshana Personal Life

    It’s true that the travel vlogger Naa Anveshana prefers to keep his personal life a mystery. As we all know, he loves traveling and sharing different customs; however, when it comes down to his personal life, he’s an extremely private person. Anveshana did not disclose any information about his family and there is nothing about his parents. However, little that we know he is married and also has a son. However, there aren’t any details about Naa’s wife  and son available through the Internet. It seems like he prefers to shield his family from the spotlight of the media which indicates how solitary a person Naa is in his private life.

    Social Media Popularity

    Naa is primarily using YouTube as a platform for his work that captivates viewers with a vast array of videos. His channel centers around travelogs that offer captivating perspectives of his travels around the world. The rich and captivating memories have earned him a loyal audience on the Telugu YouTube channel, that boosted the relationship between him and his followers. Anveshana’s work as a creative artist consists of vlogs, critiques and lifestyle segments that add to travel.

    The impact of Anveshana’s work extends far beyond YouTube. In Facebook and Instagram as well as other social media websites He engages with followers on a frequent basis every day. He has the ability to create more of a bond and create the feeling of community due to his determination to create connections with his followers.

    Important Facts

    • He received more than hundred million views on his vlogs.
    • Naa featured in various major media outlets, including The Hindu, The Times of India and NDTV.
    • Received numerous awards like Zee Telugu Digital Awards and the Vikatan Best Vlogger Awards for his outstanding travel content.
    • Naa’s real name is Anvesh Chinni.
    • He belongs to Bheemili, Andhra Pradesh.
    • Naa started his YouTube channel in the year 2016.
    • Motivated by his passion to explore and travel, he is ambitious to share his experiences with others.
    • Naa loves to encourage people to explore the world around them.

    Wrapping Up!

    We tried our best to cover every relatable aspect about the famous personality on Youtube, Naa Anveshana. Being a passionate travel vlogger, Naa is successfully fulfilling his dream to motivate people to travel and explore around. Through this blog piece, you’ll be enthralled to know some unique facts about Naa, including his personal life and career journey. Being a multi-talented personality, Naa made himself a household name within the Telugu YouTube community. Anvesh is a source of inspiration for the global public with his talent and dedication.