Not only education sector has witnessed overall growth due to the advent of technology. But even the educators have stepped ahead. With the help of the rising tech, we saw multiple people gain fame. So among the list of popular faces, today we are going to explore, Shivani Dubey. Some of you might be familiar with her, while others may not. Hence, this blog is shaped in such a way that it will provide complete knowledge to those who are unaware. While those who know her will get to some hidden facts about her. So keep scrolling and reading till the very end of the article.

    Shivani Dubey Biography 

    The founder of ‘Physics Wallah’ and a popular Ed-tech YouTuber, Allah Pandey’s wife is Shivani Dubey. The couple tied the knot on 22 February 2022, after being in a relationship for 2 years. She was born in Uttar Pradesh, and after her compelling career journey, she has been capturing the hearts of all.

    Shivani Dubey Age

    The precise date of Dubey’s birth is uncertain, however, sources indicate she was born in 1995. She is 29 years old this year in 2024, and she is currently experiencing the happiest time in her life.

    Physical Appearance

    Dubey has exceptional beauty which is added with amazing communication skills.  Her height is around 160 cm, which is equivalent to 1.60 meters or 5 feet 3 inches. Her weight is roughly 50 Kg, and 110 lbs, with brown eyes and thick, black hair.


    Souces have very limited information related to Dubey’s educational journey. Reports indicate that it is highly likely that she finished her education in Prayagraj before going on to pursue an M.Sc. in chemistry. After finishing her degree successfully, she transitioned to establishing a career in journalism and working as a freelance journalist. She covered different topics such as entertainment, lifestyle, politics, culture, social trends, and more as a freelance journalist. In addition to that, she contributed to a variety of magazines such as VICE, ELLE, Refinery29, i-D, and more.


    Delve into Dubey’s family background together to better understand her. In the following part, we will briefly examine her spouse and sibling, as there are no details provided on her parents.


    Shivani tied the knot with Alakh Pandey, the creator of a YouTube channel called “Physics Wallah”, on 2 February 2022. She and her spouse dated for 2 years before tying the knot. He uploads videos about Physics and other subjects on his YouTube channel for JEE aspirants. Shivani not only proposed several innovative tag lines for Physics Wallah but also captured the attention of many students.


    Shivani, the freelance Journalist, has two sisters named Himani Dubey and Pallavi Dubey, with whom she has shared her upbringing. She has always had a strong connection with her sisters and has consistently taken care of them.

    Shivani Dubey Net Worth

    According to reports, Dubey’s wealth is estimated to be between Rs.45 to Rs.50 thousand. She relies solely on her writing abilities to generate her income as she has dedicated her career to this craft. Even though she has a large number of followers on Instagram, we do not know how much she earns from the platform.

    Lesser Known Facts

    Dubey’s life remains secretive due to various unknown facts about her. However, we will share some of the more obscure ones with you, so you can become familiar with them.

    1. Dubey proposed that Alakh substitute the word “Tera” with the numerical value 13 in his motto. “13 Bhi Bitega Phir Tu Bhi Physics Seekhega”.
    2. Despite working independently as a journalist, she has still managed to produce several pieces for various well-known companies.
    3. During an interview, her husband expressed his positive feelings towards Dubey. And he is amazed by her keen love for her career.