As the temperature rises, we look for all options that would help us stay cool inside. In case the room size is large, it becomes a challenge since even air conditioners fail to render effective cooling in such spaces at affordable prices. 

    The best option in such a scenario is a big size cooler that has an appropriate air throw range and considerable water tank capacity. These are the best buys since you do not have to overspend on buying the product or pay high electricity bills. 

    Considering the diverse needs that families have, brands now offer a variety of air coolers in specific segments. Hence, you will find several designs and features that may make the selection difficult. 

    To make the selection process simpler, we at Symphony – a leading air cooler brand in India have listed some crucial features and functionalities that you need to evaluate. 

    Why Modern Air Coolers are More Effective than Traditional Ones

    There were times when traditional air coolers came in one design and working concept with a simple fan speed adjustment feature. 

    But modern coolers have transformed the entire concept and are designed to render the best user experience with unique features like remote control, sleep mode, air purification, and more. 

    The structure has also evolved, and there are appealing and sleek designs that add to the space’s aesthetics without compromising the cooling. 

    Most large-sized coolers have amazing performance and user convenience, making them a worthy choice for all kinds of setups. 

    A combination of top-notch technology, unbelievable cooling, and advanced functions is what you need to look for when comparing all the models. 

    What makes an Air Cooler Ideal and Effective for a Large Room in India?

    In search of the best air cooler for huge spaces, here are some aspects that you need to keep in mind. So, read on and gather some valuable buying tips that will prove helpful in making the right selection and having a comfy, stress-free summer.

    • Air throw range

    Every cooler has a specific range to which it can cover and cool effectively. This is termed the air throw range or cooling capacity, and this varies according to the cooler size and model type. 

    Most large coolers cover 150-300 sq. feet of space effectively, and hence, they cover every corner of your room seamlessly. Therefore, whenever you compare the different models, look for specifications stating the ideal air flow rate.

    • Water tank capacity

    Most large-size coolers consume more water due to their big water pads and large fan size. Hence, they need larger water tanks that are also convenient for users since no frequent filling is required.

    • Portability 

    Moving a large air cooler may be a challenge since these are bulky, and the large water tank makes it immovable. However, the brands have now recognized this issue and rendered an amazing solution by installing sturdy castor wheels that allow movement in all directions. 

    Effortless movement across the house gives you the freedom to use the cooling machine according to need and convenience. This also means you do not need to invest in different cooling machines for other rooms. 

    One air cooler can be used around the house and lets you save money on bills, maintenance, and the operation of multiple devices. 

    • Fan size and noise levels

    A big air cooler comes with a large fan, but does that mean high noise levels? Not really; with the latest technology, brands have been able to design noiseless fans that let you enjoy quiet and calm spaces, perfect for night sleep. 

    • Energy consumption

    Let us be practical when we talk about energy consumption. A good-quality air cooler from a reputed brand is energy efficient and ensures minimal electricity bills. You may find coolers powered by innovative BLDC technology, which is believed to save energy.

    • Sleep mode and other functions

    Sleep mode is an exclusive feature that allows users to set timers according to their needs, which also helps in saving energy. If you have members in your family who are sensitive or allergic to dust, consider buying a cooler that comes with air filters. 

    These filters work significantly to eliminate dust and dirt, rendering clean and healthy air inside the room.

    • Functions for convenience 

    When you buy an air cooler, look for convenience features like a remote control, control panel, empty tank alarm, etc. These may not be involved in performance, but eventually, they will prove to be of great use in the long term as you will have complete control.

    • Maintenance

    Apart from electricity bills, you also should consider the maintenance costs associated with a particular air cooler, or else you may regret making the wrong purchase. 

    Check out the product specification to learn the instructions, and make sure you clean the filters and cooling pads and change the water regularly to evade the growth of bacteria, algae, or mold that may interfere with the cooler’s performance. 

    Key Takeaways

    Now that we know the major aspects to consider before purchasing, it will be quick and simple to select the perfect cooling machine and create a calm environment inside during this summer.

    Even the requirement for an effective air cooler is supreme as the temperature levels are setting high. So, do not negotiate and buy the best air cooler. Have a happy air cooler shopping and a cool season ahead!